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In the twenties of the last century, the great open-sea regattas criss-crossed the western Mediterranean during the summer, punctuated by sumptuous parties at the start, stopovers and arrivals. In view of their number and the quality of their attendance, the need for a common authority was imposed, which began to organize new regattas, the first in 1927 and in 1928 were won by Moonbeam III, which was then called Eblis and which thus became the first winner of the CIM races.


After an interruption, from 1939 to 1948, the high seas regattas reappeared with great success and with strong French, Italian and Spanish participation. Therefore, in 1950, the organizers decided to "resuscitate" the CIM and at the meeting of January 15, 1951, held in Paris, in addition to the representatives of the three founding yacht clubs, those of the Spanish, French and Italian.

When the class is opened by the organizer, the Classic IORs will be the subject of a separate category and the yachts having both a Classic and Classic IOR measurement certificate will be allocated according to priority rules to be defined, in coordination with the organizer and depending on the event setting.

Note the possibility of opening a transverse category called “One Ton cup” , for Classic Yachts identified as 22 feet of the RORC gauge and Classic IOR Yachts identified as 27.5 feet of the IOR gauge. This concept had been successfully initialized during previous Régates Royales (Cannes).

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